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Equity and inclusion

Here at The Madrone School, we celebrate all things unique. 

This is reflected in not only our students and their families, but in our staff, volunteers, boards, stakeholders, and friends of The Madrone School. We are not only committed to celebrating neurodivergent thinking, but are also excited and accountable for upholding inclusivity for all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, orientation, religion, or disabilities.


The Madrone School wants to create a transparent and equitable environment where all voices are valued and heard. We strive for equity and inclusivity for all everyday and are inspired by both different ways of thinking and by the unique experiences shared with us.

At The Madrone School, we meet students where they are. We strive to provide exceptional individualized and customized care to support our students in meeting all of their goals. Improving the wellbeing of our students and their families through therapeutic practices and education is our number one priority.

We understand that historically within our system, those with mental health disorders and other marginalized communities often face opression and discrimination, so we aim to empower all students and their families to join us and push against the stigmas that they face everyday. We want to play an active role in creating an environment that celebrates a diverse range of backgrounds and invite any and all people to come together to do great things. 


We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer by hiring staff from a range of diverse backgrounds that reflect our unique students and want to remain accountable to having open discourse about any areas that we could improve. We want to go above and beyond to establish a safe space to strengthen and elevate the voices within our community in order to cultivate a community of connection, joy, and belonging.


Join us in embracing uniqueness and diversity here at The Madrone School. 

Together We Grow.

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